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Top Tips for Improving Your WordPress Templates

We all know that countless bloggers use WordPress solutions. Whether free or paid, templates can always be enhanced with some additions of plug-ins, codes, and the rest. In fact, there are easy ways to improve your WordPress template without any technical knowledge or skills.


For example, try optimizing your template pictures by reducing their size using the Save for Web feature in the Adobe Photoshop toolkit. Of course, there are other tools out there that can optimize your photos without affecting quality. Examples of optimizable images include icons, CSS background images, headings, and so on. Why do you have to optimize images? The answer is simple - it increases readers' page response times


Another thing you can do is reduce your WordPress theme file size. There are templates that don't include minified JavaScript or CSS files, so you may have to enhance them by doing the file reduction yourself. This process eliminates the unnecessary characters like tabs and spaces. JavaScript can be minified using a special JavaScript compressor, which you can get for free. In terms of HTML, some plugins minify the front-end code, hence increasing blog speed.


Yet another thing you can do is add a custom favicon. When looking at other websites, you may find a really tiny icon on the address bar. That is a favicon and it helps to make your site and your brand look professional. To make image captions stand out, you should also go for custom styles.


To make your template code secure, remove the generic WordPress code that you can find inside your template's tags. This will keep other users from knowing what WordPress version you're using, and that can prevent them from attacking your website with the use of weaker points of the specific versions. Instead of the default search bar, it's better to use the third-party search feature. A lot of users aren't even aware that it's easy to they can use antoher search service which is more efficient. When you use the authoritative third-party search option, you can decrease the load for searches on your servers.


Finally, don't forget to take advantage of WordPress' web marketing tools. They can increase your web traffic, boost promotion and bring in more targeted users. Examples of WordPress marketing tools you can use are XML Sitemap Generator and Twitter tools.


There are actually many other ways to enhance your WordPress templates, but you can start with the ones mentioned above. Again, they're very simple and don't require special technical knowledge or skills. Just follow the instructions and wait for the results.